stainless steel frame mirror

If your bedroom space is not big enough, except a bed, the remaining space is just enough for you go through and also a storage cabinet, that you may leaving a blank wall. Sometimes, the wall sticker may not be a perfect solution, you were tried to do anything for it, and this octagon black metal wall mirror is a great opportunity. It will not only improves the elements of the room, but also gives illusion of expand the space.

Mirror 4mm Copper Free Glass Mirror
Frame 201/304 stainless steel
Surface Brushed gold / Powder coated black
Backing Black PVC sheet
Dimensions 650x650mm, 711x711mm, 862x862mm
Weight 7.2kgs, 8.6kgs, 12.6kgs
Origin China, Foshan


Surface: Brushed rose gold / silver / Powder coated white
Frame: 201/304 stainless steel
Protect: explosion-proof film
Installation instructions
Mirror: 4 mm / 5 mm