Runway Nordic Wall Mirror

Subtitle: Runway stainless steel metal decorative wash basin nordic wall mirror
Standard size: 500x800mm
Side Width: 25mm
Bulk MOQ: 20pcs
Feature: runway, pill, recessed

decorative wall mirror

A metal decorative mirror is not rare, but it is not easy to find the one you like. Such as this nordic wall mirror, the delicate frame, this is very helpful for its installation; some people may would like to install it in a bathroom, due to there the stainless steel metal frame, so it will never been eroded. In addition, the runway stainless steel mirror is also popular when compared to the round design, but the important is you have to consider the furniture’s color of the whole home, it is decide by their client.

Mirror 4mm Copper Free Glass Mirror
Frame 201/304 Stainless Steel
Surface Brushed Gold / Powder Coated Black
Backing Black PVC sheet
Dimensions 500x800mm, 550x1000mm, 550x1200mm
Weight 6.8kgs, 9.4kgs, 11.2kgs
Origin China, Foshan


Surface: Brushed silver / powder coated white
Frame: 201/304 stainless steel
Backing: explosion-proof film
Installation instructions
Mirror: 4 mm / 5 mm