Round Framed Mirror

Subtitle: Round metal framed bathroom vanity wall mirror
Standard size: 610x610mm
Side Width: 25mm
Bulk MOQ: 20pcs
Feature: round

round framed mirror

Decoration our own home may be a favorite time, how to make our home special and make self happy, that will need to find some of the favorite home accessories. This simple round framed mirror is a rare washbasin mate, brushed gold and black are both good choices; to home walls, the metal black frame mirror is not only to increase the possibility of people to change its impression on it, but also makes the entire space will not be monotonous; when it match with a unique wash basin, it will makes people fall in love with its design both in the bathroom or somewhere else.

Mirror 4mm Copper Free Glass Mirror
Frame Iron / 201 Stainless Steel
Surface Brushed Gold / Powder Coated Black
Frame-Width 8mm
Backing Explosion-Proof Film
Dimensions 510x510mm, 610x610mm, 710x710mm, 760x760mm
Weight 4.2kgs, 6kgs, 8kgs, 9.2kgs
Origin China, Foshan


Surface: Brushed gold / rose gold / powder coated black / white
Frame: 201/304 stainless steel
Backing: black PVC sheet
Installation instructions
Mirror: 4 mm / 5 mm