rectangular wall mirror

For the hotels that provide safe and comfortable accommodation around the world, they not only have to think about how to give their clients better service, but also more value added. Are hotel clients really concerned or attention that the hotel has a good art? The answer is yes, they really like it. So an impressive hotel design will be the reason why clients pay a return visit. Such as this rectangular wall mirror design, you can install it in the hotel bathroom or bedroom, it is really an impressive artistic factor.

Mirror 4mm Copper Free Glass Mirror
Frame 201/304 stainless steel
Surface Brushed gold / rose gold / Powder coated black
Backing Black PVC sheet
Dimensions 610x610mm, 610x862mm, 610x915mm
Weight 6.3kgs, 8.9kgs, 9.4kgs
Origin China, Foshan


Surface: electroplate brass / electroplate copper / brushed silver
Frame: 201/304 stainless steel
Backing: explosion-proof film
Installation instructions
Mirror: 4 mm / 5 mm