decorative oval wall mirror

This decorative oval wall mirror is not just for a wall decor; it will also expand the bedroom space. Sometimes people seeks a special mirror, they think that will make the space unique; but, the important thing is not all special design is right for every specail space design, so spend time for find a good mirror design is worth.

Mirror 4mm Copper Free Glass Mirror
Frame 304 stainless steel
Surface Brushed gold
Backing Black PVC sheet
Dimensions 800x500mm, 900x550mm, 1016x610mm
Weight 6.4kgs, 7.9kgs, 9.9kgs
Origin China, Foshan


Surface: Brushed rose gold / silver / Powder coated black / white
Frame: 201/304 stainless steel
Protect: explosion-proof film
Installation instructions
Mirror: 4 mm / 5 mm