Led illuminated wall mirrors for bathroom with sensor lights

Illuminated Wall Mirrors For Bathroom

Private bathroom should not be a bland place, whether the morning or night, it is a personal space. Unfortunately, many people’s bathroom did not become their private refuge. Incorrect light or various styles of bathroom accessories, all these are a catastrophic destruction of the beautiful bathroom. Therefore, every part of the bathroom should consider the original design, such as this illuminated wall mirror for bathroom design is not suite to an antique bathroom theme.

  • Series: GALACTIC
  • Code: KML014
  • Size: 700W x 500H mm / 800Wx 600H mm
  • Certificate: CE / UL
  • IP Rating: IP44 / IP55 / IP65


  • This illuminated wall mirror for bathroom design utilizes 5mm copper-free high definition Eco-friendly glass silver mirror
  • A grade aluminum alloy is use for the installation backboard of this bathroom mirror with sensor lights design
  • SMD 5050 LED strap
  • Led driver input: 110 – 240V 50 / 60HZ, output: 12V
  • This led mirror for bathrooms design without waterproof silicon tube for led straps protect
  • Watt approx. 26W / 30W / 33W
  • Led color temp: 4500k
  • 1 set installation hardware comes with this illuminated wall mirror for bathroom design
  • Led lifetime approx 30,000 hrs
  • 3 years warranty for this led mirror for bathroom design


  • Led color temp: 2500k – 8000k
  • This led mirror for bathrooms design provide options control system: Touch sensor system / Motion switch
  • The bathroom mirror with sensor lights provide option Anti-fog system: Electric heat defogger
  • Silver mirror thickness: 5mm / 6mm
  • Led straps: SMD 5050 / SMD 3528 / SMD2835 / SMD3014
  • This illuminated wall mirrors for bathrooms design provide OEM SIZE service


bathroom led mirror

“When I first became a designer, my customer said to me : You are a designer, not a fighter; so your works should be the affinity but not the icy cold. If just make it different from others, that is not design, it is just one of your fantasies.” Said by KOXZE MIRROR designer Terry Ng.

Despite the raise up trends of peer competition, but product homogenization is fully a lie; first the different level material, second the different design detail, third the different business concept; every time the consumer attitudes change, the loser is always the follower who has no he own idea. KOXZE MIRROR keeps its unique business concept, maybe its products is not popular to everyone due to the inherent product style, but this will not change its design direction.

Makes the design not a fantasies, it should be a part of the space. Explore the beauty of home decor, KOXZE will do, and you will do as well !


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